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As many people stay and come and go for a long period, carpets and chairs of the theater could contain smells. Our Service first removes unpleasant odors or food smells from carpets or chairs and then maintain the space clean by installing appropriate amount of deodorant in suitable indoor places.


For the last 8 years, many theaters have used the deodorization services of Clear Breath.



Unpleasant odors can remain in bedding or carpets of accommodations like hotels.

In general bad smells remaining in textiles cannot be eliminated through ventilation.

Particularly a whiff of smoke may not disappear for a long time and give an unpleasant feelings to the next guests.

Clear Breath Service will do our best to help you so that your hotel can welcome your guests with the best possible comditions.


In terms of restroom, particularly the public restroom, there can be a lot of odor as it is used by many people in a hurry.

Toilet smell is mainly caused by ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyle mercaptan and others, so in order to maintain a pleasant space those odors should be completely eliminated.

Our service based on highly efficient deodorizing materials makes an odor-free restroom.

Somking room

Cigarette smell is not good for health and difficult to remove.

In particular, the heavy smell of cigarettes would not go away from clothes after visiting a smoking room filled with the heavy odor.

By considering the size of a smoking room and the number of people using the room, Our service offer you best deodorization methods.

Senior Center

Our  service is also used in elderly care facilities including nursing home facilities and hospitals.

The service cleanly removes smells caused by aging such as less movements and more mistakes.

And Many Places...


Besides, Clean Breath Service has been used in many places including adult entertainment establishments such as pubs, and amusement facilities like billiard hall as well as barns for animals.

With highly efficient deodorant and our deodorization know-how accumulated for a long time, we will keep your place odor-free and clean.


Thank you.

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